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2010-2011 Executive Committee

  • President
    Will Nancekivell
  • Vice President
    Ron Smith
  • Treasurer
    Ryan Smith
  • Secretary
    Nick Mongeon
  • Past President
    Matthew Sampson

Disciplinary Committee

  • President
    Jay Smith
  • Members
    Jason Smith
    MJ Lamarre

Rule book

General Rules

  1. All players must abide by arena regulations while representing DYT at any of it's sanctioned events. Infractions could lead to game suspensions or expulsions deemed as appropriate by the Executive.
  2. Team captains are responsible for their team's actions and must take charge on any disciplinary situations that may occur on and off the ice.
  3. A complete line of players, including a goalie, must be ready to commence their scheduled game after the 2- minute warm-up. If a full line is not available at the warning buzzer, a 2-minute penalty will be assessed before the start of the game. The penalized team will be allowed to start the game without a player in the penalty box until there is a player available. If, at the end of the 2-minute penalty, there are not enough players on the ice surface ready to play, plus having 1 available player on the bench, the penalized team must forfeit the game. All players' points up to this time will count and the opposing team will be awarded 2 points in the standings.
  4. Players should be between 22 and 35 years old. Players younger than 22 years old (as of January 1st 2019) are not eligible.
  5. If, for any reason during the course of the game, a team is short of players and cannot provide a player to sit in the penalty box, the penalized team must play as is or concede the game with the approval of the opposing team's captain or acting captain.
  6. All games will consist of a 20 minute running time first period and of a 25 minute running time second period The last minute of the second period will be stopped time when there is a goal differential of 2 goals or less.
  7. All changes must be made on the fly except:
    • At the start of the period
    • At the start of a penalty
    • After a goal is scored
  8. After the game, no player is allowed to approach a game official to discuss a call or penalty.

Player replacements

  1. Seven players constitutes a functional team.
  2. Teams are allowed to use spares from within the DYT.
  3. Spares can only be used to attain 7 players
  4. Replacements must be of comparable caliber with missing players.
  5. The opposing coach must agree to the selected replacement player(s) by said team.
  6. All discussions by the coaches must be done and finalized before the teams get on the ice.


  1. All minor penalties will be served as 2-minutes running time.
  2. A player receiving 5 minutes or more in penalties in the same game, will be removed from the remainder of that game. A second such offence by an individual will be subject for review by the Disciplinary Committee.
  3. Any player assessed 3 stick penalties in 2 separate games will be assessed a 1-game suspension.
  4. All major penalties will be served as 5-minutes running time. The penalized player is immediately ejected from the game and the penalized team may play short-handed without a player in the penalty box. All players assessed a major penalty in the last 5 minutes of the 2nd period will automatically be suspended for the next game he is available to play.
  5. Any player ejected from a game by a an official or team representative must immediately leave the playing area and proceed to his dressing room where he shall remain for the rest of his game or until he leaves the arena. Failure to do so will constitute a suspension to be determined by the Executive, If an ejected player is involved in any confrontation over his ejection (on or off the ice) with another player or spectator, he will not be permitted to participate in any league events and will be assessed a suspension deemed suitable by the Executive.
  6. Any player assessed a major penalty for i.e. (fighting, a stick incident, a match penalty, or any other penalty deemed appropriate by the on ice official or the Executive) as intent to injure shall automatically receive:
    • 1st offence: 3 games suspension
    • 2nd offence: suspension or expulsion from the league for a period deemed suitable by the Executive.
  7. Any player deemed as the 3rd man in any altercation on or off the ice shall be ejected from that game and is subject to further disciplinary action deemed suitable by the Executive.
  8. A panel of 3 league members will be responsible for making all decisions on appropriate suspensions.
  9. Players accumulating 36 minutes in penalties will be assessed a one game suspension. After the initial suspension, a one-game suspension will be assessed for every six penalty minutes that player accumulates (42 min, 48 min, 54 min..). The suspension will carry over into the post-season if need be. Upon completion of the regular season, all penalty minutes are wiped clean and the same cumulative rule above applies.

Tie Breaker Formula

  1. Points
  2. Wins
  3. Plus/Minus
  4. Goals for
  5. Head to Head
  6. Coin toss


  • The Executive has the right to enforce any rules at any given time if deemed necessary.

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